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Yes ( B30 )

This was followed by the band's 50th Anniversary Tour with a European leg in March, playing half of Tales from Topographic Oceans and a selection of songs from their history. The two London dates included an anniversary fan convention which coincided with the release of Fly from Here – Return Trip, a new version of the album with new lead vocals and mixes by Horn, who also performed as a special guest singer during the leg. A U.S. leg in June and July also included guest performances from Kaye, Horn, Tom Brislin, and Patrick Moraz, who had last performed with Yes in 1976. The tour culminated with a Japanese leg in February 2019. Schellen continues to play as a second drummer to support White, who has had a bacterial infection in his joints since November 2017. The tour was documented with the live album Yes 50 Live.
In June and July 2019, Yes headlined the Royal Affair Tour across the U.S. with a line-up featuring Asia, John Lodge, and Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy with Arthur Brown. In August 2019, it was revealed that Yes had started working on new material with the possibility of a 2020 release. The band will continue their Album Series Tour in May and June 2020, touring the UK with Relayer in its entirety and other songs from their history.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Yes were eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. In August 2013, the fan campaign Voices for Yes was launched to get the band inducted.

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