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Brain Connolly ( b6 )

Torpey subsequently invited Connolly to go into the recording studio with him, as an informal project. Running very late, Connolly turned up and the track "Sharontina" was recorded, but would not be released until Torpey's 1998 album, "Sweeter".
In 1988, Connolly reunited in Los Angeles, California, with former band members Mick Tucker, Steve Priest and Andy Scott, to rework studio versions of "Action" and "The Ballroom Blitz". This was to be a trial run, to see if a full reunion and new album could be arranged, for America's MCA Records. The Chapman-produced reunion floundered quickly due to problems with Connolly's voice. Connolly returned to The New Sweet. In 1990, he reunited with the original Sweet line-up for the promotion of a music video documentary in London at Tower Records.
By July 1990, plans were made for Connolly and his band to tour Australia. A number of dates were planned, with the tour starting in Adelaide, and proceeded during November. However, during the very long flight to Australia, Connolly's health had suffered and he was hospitalised temporarily in Adelaide Hospital, ostensibly for dehydration and related problems. The rest of the band played a show in Adelaide without him, so as not to disappoint the waiting fans. After several other shows, including one at the Dingley Powerhouse, Connolly and the band played the final Australian date of the tour at Melbourne's Old Greek Theatre. 

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