duminică, 4 noiembrie 2018

Gentle Giant ( B23 )

  • I Lost My Head – The Chrysalis Years (2012)
  • Memories of Old Days (2013)
  • Three Piece Suite (2017)


  • Playing the Foole (Bootleg) (recorded in 1974)
For many years this remained the only Gentle Giant bootleg and no others appeared before the Compact Disc era. No other bootlegs have since been seen on vinyl. The album achieved such fame, however, that the band decided to adopt the title for their official live double album Playing the Fool (omitting the final "e"), released two years later.
Despite the sleeve description, the bootleg album is not live and was not recorded during any "American tour".


  • Giant on the Box (DVD, 2004)
  • Giant on the Box – Deluxe Edition (DVD + CD, 2005)
  • GG at the GG – Sight and Sound in Concert (DVD + CD, 2006)

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