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The Kinks ( B22 )

On 5 November 2016, Dave Davies posted on Twitter: "Me and Ray have not spoken about Kinks shows at all – although were trying to work together on other stuff and have worked on music together". Dave Davies subsequently confirmed that the Davies brothers had recorded 4-5 demos of new songs together for a potential concept album in 2016, but that they had both gotten too distracted by their respective solo work to complete the project. In a Rolling Stone interview, Davies stated that, "We came up with a few songs and some lyrics and had a nice interaction. So he's [Ray] got demos on his computer, and I've got them on mine in a different form. I hope we'll get together and do something with them, but who knows."
On 20 January 2018, long-time bassist Jim Rodford passed away at the age of 76.

Live performances

The first live performance of the Ray Davies Quartet, the band that would become the Kinks, was at a dance for their school, William Grimshaw, in 1962. The band performed under several names between 1962 and 1963—the Pete Quaife Band, the Bo-Weevils, the Ramrods, and the Ravens—before settling on the Kinks in early 1964.
The Kinks made their first tour of Australia and New Zealand in January 1965 as part of a "package" bill that included Manfred Mann and the Honeycombs. They performed and toured relentlessly, headlining package tours throughout 1965 with performers such as the Yardbirds and Mickey Finn. Tensions began to emerge within the band, expressed in incidents such as the on-stage fight between drummer Mick Avory and Dave Davies at The Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, Wales on 19 May. After finishing the first song, "You Really Got Me", Davies insulted Avory and kicked over his drum set. Avory responded by hitting Davies with his hi-hat stand, rendering him unconscious, before fleeing from the scene, fearing that he had killed his bandmate. Davies was taken to Cardiff Royal Infirmary, where he received 16 stitches to his head. To placate police, Avory later claimed that it was part of a new act in which the band members would hurl their instruments at each other. Following their summer 1965 American tour, the American Federation of Musicians refused permits for the group to appear in concerts in the United States for the next four years, possibly due to their rowdy on-stage behaviour.

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