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The Kinks ( B21 )

In June 2009, Ray Davies told The Independent that while a full-fledged reunion was unlikely, "I will continue to play with ex-band members like Mick Avory from time to time. With Dave, a lot of it is psychological. I'll guide him in, and coerce and nurture him, and when the time is right I suppose I'll even shout at him again." When asked about a possible reunion in an interview that year, Avory stated, "A reunion would not be possible with the originals, for a start due to ill health. But it would be possible with the Kast Off Kinks plus Ray. In any event Ray would record new material. We have some old tracks from the 80s as well." In March 2010, Avory reported that the band were planning on releasing an album of unreleased and new material. He stated that they had "eight tracks" ready for the album, but that the Davies brothers had to settle their differences before the project could progress. It remains unclear who has been involved in the recordings besides Avory and Ray Davies.
Quaife, who had been receiving kidney dialysis for more than ten years, died on 23 June 2010, aged 66. Two days after the bassist's death, Dave Davies posted a statement on his message board expressing deep sorrow over the passing of his former band mate and stating that Quaife "was never really given the credit he deserved for his contribution and involvement  [with The Kinks]". Ray Davies dedicated his performance of 27 June at the Glastonbury Festival to Quaife and performed several Quaife-era Kinks songs in tribute to him. Davies told the crowd, "I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him."
In separate interviews early in 2011 both Davies brothers spoke positively about a potential reunion. Dave Davies explained, "There's nothing in the pipeline yet, but ... we'll see. It's possible." Each has said that any reunion would be dependent on the other. According to Ray Davies, the brothers were to meet in April to discuss future plans. In October that year, Dave Davies quashed rumours of a reunion, stating in an interview that although he loves his brother, "I just can't stand to be with him. About an hour with Ray's my limit, so it would be a very short reunion." In November of that year Ray Davies reported that he had recently recorded with Avory "just to sort of try to do what we call demos ... we might do it in fits and starts and bring Dave in at a later date. I'll never say never with my brother, because he's totally unpredictable." In a 2013 Skype interview Dave Davies expressed interest in doing reunions shows. On 18 December 2015, Ray Davies joined Dave Davies onstage at the Islington Assembly Hall in London to perform "You Really Got Me".

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